Top 10 Natural hair tips

HavingĀ  natural hair can be overwhelming at times and tricky also. Here are a few natural hair tips that will help you with your hair journey. 1. Moisture When you buy a moisturizer check the ingredients. Good moisturisers will have water as an ingredient. This is because water must be…

Daily skin care routine

About two weeks ago if I am not mistaken, I posted an instagram story including products from cuticura that I wanted to try out. For years I have been battling with oily skin and a bit of pimples on my face. Well even with this new trend on ‘natural glow….

What is co-washing?

There is a high chance that you’ve come across this word – co wash. Why is everyone talking about it and is it necessary? Here you have it. Co washing means you’re washing your hair but only with conditioner and not shampoo. Interesting right. I know. This in particular could…