5 mistakes that are damaging your hair

Many of us get caught up trying to maintain good conditions of our hair. Sometimes we do things that will tend to damage our hair in the long run. But how do you know that what you’re doing is good for your hair? Here are a few common mistakes that many of us do and as a result leave our hair damaged.

Be it breaking, brittle, dry, greasy or dull.

1. You apply moisture daily.

For some of us we moisturize our hair everyday for styling, which if overdone can result to greasy hair. Depending on the breath of your hair, moisturizing 2 – 3 times a week is enough. Let your hair breath. When your hair has a lot of oil, it blocks pores and as a result lowers growth levels and in turn results to too much grease.

2. You brush your hair while it’s still wet.

Brushes and wet hair don’t go along. Which is why stylists always recommend brushing your hair before washing to detangle any knots. When your hair is wet, it is exposed to breaking easily compared to dry hair. Brushing it doesn’t do it any justice. I know it hurts less to brush hair when wet especially for my naturals.

3. You don’t wash thoroughly.

I for one haven’t washed my hair at the salon since end of 2016. That’s when I had my bug chop. I always prefer washing my own hair at home. I do this at the comfort of my own bathroom. That on it’s own is me risking not washing off shampoo and conditioner thoroughly. Left over chemicals in your hair is one of the reason for damaged hair. Because of temperature change these chemicals undergo reactions whilst in your hair. Adding oils does no justice too. Make sure you thoroughly wash your hair for every wash day. If reaching for the back is a challenge, rather compromise for a salon wash day.

4. You change products quickly.

This affects the most of us especially when you’re still trying to learn which products work for you. Some hair experts will say never settle for products as your hair gets to resist change when it is used to it. But often than not, Hair is damaged by this product change due to chemical reactions too which may burn your scalp and damage your roots. Give your hair time to rest after a product change before you go for the next.

5. You pull your hair.

Pulling hair strands and knots is a no no. Once you’ve styled your hair, leave it alone. Pulling your hair breaks and damages it. Rather give yourself one day a week to rid knots. Even more so with a strategy. Spray your hair with water and oil mixture then detangle it.

There are obviously a number of mistakes that many of us do that result to hair breakage. The above are the common 5 I know off. Its your turn to let me know of any that I haven’t mentioned and any recommendations.

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