Four must have products for Naturals

Out of all the hair products I am hoarding up in my bathroom. I’ve summarized four essential products that are a need for a person who’s looking to grow and maintain their natural hair. I also include a brief of how i use some. This might not be the easiest of post to summarize because damn, I’m a hoarder. But in any case I hope you find this informal post very informative. Let me know your thoughts on must have for Naturals.

1. Conditioner

Whether you are a co-washer like me or you are a shampoo and conditioner person. Conditioning your hair is paramount. Do this atleast once a week or every two weeks. It really depends on who you are. I personally co-wash my hair every week. When it comes to shampooing, probably once a month. To see more about my method check this out: What is co-washing?

2. Oil

This is a tricky one because shopping for the perfect oil isn’t easy. In addition knowing which oils to use daily and which ones to add on treatments. When I first started caring for my hair, I used to use coconut oil mainly because it wasn’t as thick like castor oil which left residue and stickiness. That taught me how thick oils are not meant for everyday use because they clogg hair pores. I personally still use coconut oil for an everyday fix then Jamaican black castor oil for treating.

3. Hair spray

So I recently started using BLM naturals Hydrate hair spray and my hair loves it. It defines my curls and keeps it hydrated. For people who feel water does the trick for them, they can use water mixed with whatever ingredient like oil or conditioner. I use both the hydrate spray and water. What I do each morning is I sprinkle my hair with water to wake it up. I then style it however I feel like, to set/fix my hair I use the hair spray.

4. Cream

But why cream when there’s oil? I’ve learnt this from many hair bloggers. Cream locks in the moisture. Especially for people with high porosity. What you do is after applying liquid (your water/hair spray) you go in with your oil then end with your cream. It’s called the L.O.C method. I’m do a post on that soon. I love the hair butter from Dark and Lovely Au Naturale range.

There are tons of products that may be seen as essentials for different people. These have worked for me and who knows that mighy work for you too. Agree? If no what do you suggest?

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