Top 10 Natural hair tips

HavingĀ  natural hair can be overwhelming at times and tricky also. Here are a few natural hair tips that will help you with your hair journey.

1. Moisture

When you buy a moisturizer check the ingredients. Good moisturisers will have water as an ingredient. This is because water must be a staple for those who look into growing their natural hair. Water works as a cuticle opener letting all the moisture in, therefore keeping your hair hydrated.

2. Heat

I always say this. Try as much as you can to avoid heating your hair. Whether it’s a blow dryer or a straightener. If you like your hair straightened, find natural ways to do that.

3. Protective hairstyles

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a protective hairstyle. In actual fact, it is good for hair growth. This is because when you have protective hairstyle on, your hair is protected from over manipulation. Which can In turn lead to breakage. But note: hair under protective hairstyle needs to be taken care of. See post.

4. DIY

The best of us like to experiment with our hair, just a little safety precaution. Do a little research about the products you want to mix and match. Also know what kind of reaction to expect on your hair. Some products like eggs can cook in your hair. Which means they need to be mixed thoroughly with something else to avoid such.

5. Cutting and trimming.

I must say, for a person who is so much into length. This is the worst thing to do ever. But, as much as we might fear trimming our hair. It actually is good for hair it’s growth. Cut out old and damage hair to leave hair looking healthy and fresh.

6. Wash day

As much as we try to avoid over manipulation of hair. Washing atleast once a week is paramount. The longest you can stay with protective hairstyles like braids. Would be 3 weeks max. Dirt build up can occur in a week, imagine after 3 weeks. So wash your hair regularly. While at it make sure you don’t leave any product after wash. This could be shampoo or conditioner. Product that remains can hinder hair growth.

7. Styling your hair

Some hair styles are the reason for slow growth and or hair breakage. If you notice your hair behaving bad after a hairstyle. DON’T do it again. Or just do it for a short while. Most of these hairstyles apply too much tension on hair which is not good. Try as much as you can to avoid applying tension on your hair.

8. L.O.C method

The quickest way to ensure that your hair locks in moisture and remains hydrated daily is using the L.O.C method. If you love rocking your natural hair daily. Then this is for you.

9. Edges

Many people battle with either growing their edges and keeping them proper. Braids if kept for too long can ruin ones edges. Even wigs tend to do this same. To avoid losing your edges apply Jamaican black castor oil to keep them intact.

10. Hydrate

Drinkloads of water. This will not only help your keep your perfect. It also works well with your skin care routine. Stay hydrated.


On a side note: As I was writing this post I realize that these tips work for all hair types. Which is great right?

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