What is co-washing?

There is a high chance that you’ve come across this word – co wash. Why is everyone talking about it and is it necessary?

Here you have it. Co washing means you’re washing your hair but only with conditioner and not shampoo. Interesting right. I know. This in particular could work for you if you have an afro or highly textured hair. Because shampoo strips hair of it’s natural oils due to the presence of sulfates. Leaving hair more prone to breakage. Co-washing then helps maintain hair moisture leaving hair healthier.

Here’s the catch: it’s never about just co-washing. It’s about choosing the right product for your hair. “Check this out“. Doing so might be a bit challenging i know. But one thing every hair enthusiast must know is. Everything takes time. Learn!

Now when it comes to conditioning your hair, if you know your hair type and the kind of products that work well for your hair. You’d know exactly what to use to supplement natural moisture. From almond oils, jojoba oil to coconut oil. The list is endless. But how do you do it.

So with co-washing this is what happens. You saturate your hair with water first. This is to allow your hair cuticle to open up. It’s a very important step for people with low porosity hair. Which I will write a post about soon. After this step you then go in with a generous amount of conditioner. Go deep into your scalp and massage into it. One thing I’ve also realised with hair care is that giving yourself time for it is key. Any rash job won’t give you results. Now after this nice massage. Cover your hair with either a shower cap or just a normal plastic bag then a towel on top. This allows moisture to go in deep and trap the natural heat. It could be for at least 30 minutes to tow hours.

From there wash your hair and let it air dry. Remember heat is not good for your natural hair. Especially if you have no heat protection on. When your hair close to being dry you can now go in with your moisturiser and style. Then you’re good to go.

Happy co washing ladies. Let me know how you do it on the comment section below. Don’t forget to share.

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I need to add co washing to my hair routine. Might see a great change in the texture… Thank you for sharing


You really should try it. I love it. Quick and easy.

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