Justine tissue oil for dry skin

Something that I’ve noticed lately is that my skin tends to absorb moisture very quickly. I’ve been trying out numerous products to rid this with no luck. So I got this body cream and I must say it is working wonders. Whenever I buy lotion I usually go for the one with the best scent, which is probably why I have been struggling. I must say Justine tissue oil doesnt have a specific scent, but it does the job.

I’ve always thought that buttery lotion is only needed in winter, but then I know Johannesburg weather this year is so confused. Still feels like winter. Which is probablely the reason my skin is always dry. I’m not exaggerating or anything. Especially my legs and feet. It’s ‘summer’ time and i want to be rocking my sandals/gladiators. But half the time my skin is dry and wrinkled.

Slowly but surely Justine is helping me out. However I’ve always had this thing of my skin getting used to products after about a month of using it. Hopefully it’s different this time because I can’t deal anymore. In any case I’m going to embrace this moment.

So this tissue oil is a rich nourishing formula for intensely dry skin that enhances skin’s moisture content and soothes sensitive and stressed skin.

One more thing is that it’s on special and runs for R109. Which is a bargain since it usually costs about R239. Check out: Justine website.


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